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Let's Sing and Dance!

Christmas Recital, Mon. Dec 15th, 5:00 & 7:00 pm
Timberline Middle School, 500 W Canyon Crest Rd, Alpine   Map      Show Order

All groups will be performing the numbers they are learning in our Christmas Family Night with Showcase USA and family and friends are invite to come and watch.  There is no cost to those who want to come and see your hard work.  We are asking a $12 per family recital fee to cover our rent of the building.  Please include that with your December tuition or costume fees.  Please arrive at least a half hour before your recital time ready to warm up and perform.  We will post the show order soon so you can plan for costume changes.
The following classes will perform in the 5:00 recital only:   
     Vocal Vibe, Jazz Force, Pure Energy, Showstoppers 
The following classes will perform in the 7:00 recital only: 
     Tiny Tunes, Live Wires, Razzle Dazzle, Sound Sensation, Synergy, Mini Jazz, Jazz Express
The following classes will perform in both recitals: 
     High Energy, Premiere, Xtreme, Prestige, Jr. Vocal Elite, Vocal Elite, Jazz Co, Sr. Jazz, Jazz Elite,
     Jazz Prep, Jr. Jazz, Jazz Attack, and all Hip Hop classes

Class Christmas Parties, Dec 16, 17, 18th
Classes will have Christmas parties and dance to fun Christmas music at their regularly scheduled times on the Tues, Wed, and Thurs following the recital.  Jazz Co and Sr. Jazz will be doing a sock exchange.  All other classes, please bring a wrapped $3 gift to class for a fun gift exchange.  Classes will not be held on the Monday, the 15th (due to the recital) and will not be held after the 18th until we start again in January.  Have a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Costume Deposit
Please pay a $25 deposit per class for your costumes with your November tuition.  We will let you know the difference of that deposit and the actual costume cost so that the balance can be paid with your December tuition.

Drop Off/Pick Up Reminder
Please use the North entrance when entering the parking lot and exit using the middle or far South exit when entering the street.  The far South entrance/exit can be used for those that intend on staying to watch class.  Also, please do not park directly in front of the studio because it will make it difficult for those entering and exiting the parking area to have a clear view of 350 West.  Please drive carefully and slowly around the studio so we do not have an unfortunate accident.

Tuition Reminder
In order to keep costs down, and to help families plan and forecast budgets, Showcase does not charge a registration fee. Tuition is constant for each month including September.  Keeping the tuition constant relieves any registration fees or audition fees. We also understand that times are tight and we know that families choose to participate in our program, and we want to continue to provide classes at the most reasonable price. Based on an average of four weeks of classes per month during the year, the average cost for your children's class price is $6.50 per hour. Please pay your tuition by the 15th of each month.

We will NOT be sending out a monthly statement.  Instead, we ask that you please pay your tuition monthly in the tuition box provided at the studio or mail it to us.  Monthly tuition is due by the 15th of each month.  We will send out statements and newsletters at key times throughout the year to help keep you current and updated. 
If you have questions about your statement, you can send a note with your monthly tuition or you can send an e-mail to Corwin at crash@byu.net.  You should get a response back within a couple of days.  In addition, the studio secretary should be able to provide you accurate statements and hopefully answer your questions at the studio during class hours. 

We will try to keep this website up-to-date and current.  In addition, we will send emails at regular times to provide information as needed.  Also, a studio secretary is available during class time to answer questions.  Contact the secretary on the studio phone:  801-763-2623 (801-76-DANCE).


Dates to Remember
Date          Day       Event
 Dec 15MTuition Due
 Dec 15MChristmas Recital, Timberline Middle School, 5 & 7 pm
 Dec 16-18MRegular Classes with Gift Exchange