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We hope the students in SHOWCASE will know their teacher cares about them as dancers and individuals.  Our goal is to help students learn principles such as hard work, commitment, responsibility, kindness, and unselfishness that we hope will carry over into every aspect of their life.  We want every student to have a sense of self and know where true confidence somes from.

Studio Rules
1.  Respect Others and Yourself
2.  Absolutely No Gum
3.  No Food or Drinks during Class
4.  If Family or Friends come to watch class, please observe through
     the viewing windows from the waiting areas.
5.  Wear Dance Attire--NO JEANS

Monthly tuition is due by the 15th of each month.  Please pay your tuition monthly in the tuition box provided at the studio or mail it to us.  We plan to be able to accept credit card payements soon.  We are changing accounting software and will be able to provide you with regular statements soon.

Picking up and Dropping off Students
Please use the North entrance when entering the parking lot and exit using the middle or far South exit when entering the street.  The far South entrance/exit can be used for those that intend on staying to watch class.  Also, please do not park directly in front of the studio because it will make it difficult for those entering and exiting the parking area to have a clear view of 350 West.  Please drive carefully and slowly around the studio so we do not have an unfortunate accident.  Please only park in designated parking spots and encourage your children to wait inside until you have arrived at the main door to the studio.

Everyone will be performing in our Christmas and Spring recitals.  A few of the groups will be selected to perform at the other Christmas performances.  Everyone will also do one number at the Lehi Round-up and the Gallivan Center in June. 


Please care for your costumes carefully!  If you have a sequin costume, DO NOT WASH or DRY CLEAN!!!  This means the only way to clean it is to spot clean the costume with a wet rag or wash it by hand in a mild detergent and hang dry.  The best way to clean the costume is by preventative maintenance.  Only wear the costume at the performances and never let your child eat anything with the costume on.  Notes will be sent home about the cost of each costume as we get close to performing.  Costumes charges should be paid before performing.